Book Printing

Making a book is a complex process.
We work with authors and independent publishers
to take the stress out of printing.

Preparing your books for print?

These are the standard steps to get a book into print...

1. Design and Layout
2. Choice of Paper and Binding
3. Choice of Printer
4. Preparation and checking of Print-Ready Files
5. Uploading to the Printer
6. Printing and checking the Proof copies
7. Re-Proofing if necessary
8. Ordering Printed Books
9. Resolving printing problems

There are lots of decisions to make when deciding how to print your book...
What size print run? Should it be print-on-demand?
Are you selling it locally or internationally?
And how to reduce the cost.
We would be happy to have a chat with you and explain the options.

Book Production – What can possibly go wrong?

Digital printing has simplified the printing process but making a book is still a complex process.

Things can go wrong at every stage of production not to mention the damage caused by the couriers.
The Print Manager ensures that the process runs as smoothly as possible.
And if if any issues arise, we act on your behalf to resolve them.

Delivery Schedules – Hope for the best – plan for the worst?

When a book is close to completion, authors are often anxious to get some books delivered for a book launch.
It is important to allow enough time for things to go wrong and build this into any schedule.
Printer time estimates can slip; equipment can break down; printers can become overworked – particularly close to Christmas; deliveries can go missing and don’t forget that the purpose of a proof copy is to ensure that there are no problems with the printed books – so if possible, you should allow time for a second proof.
We will help you to manage your schedules and will act on your behalf to resolve any problems that do occasionally occur.